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Le Cabanon is a record label founded in France in 2013, currently directed collegially by Guillaume Malaret, Clovis Lemée and Pierre Relaño. It was created with Pierre Torrell.

As a place, Le Cabanon is a constantly evolving wish of the mind, wherein musicians and composers may question the forces at work among the heterogeneity of the sound phenomenon, be they its fullness of apparition beyond the realm of language, the craftsmanship of its internal construction, or the strategies for organising sounds in time and space.

Le Cabanon exists only in the hypothesis of a garden within which the unknown may be sown, and where the intensity that grows there is free to have no other purpose than itself.

If you have any questions or if you want to contribute, please contact us : contact ( at ) lecabanonrecords ( . ) com

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