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Even if the label curation is mainly done by commissioned works, we might accept demos. If you would like to send us your work, please first take note of our demo policy below. You can also reach us for any other type of enquiries :

contact ( at ) lecabanonrecords ( . ) com

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The label catalog is open to electroacoustic, contemporary, experimental or electronic composers, but also to sound artists and researchers in the field of synthesis or music writing systems, willing to document their works (with or without sound examples).

Le Cabanon is an independent non-profit organization. So even if your compositions do interest the three of us, please note that because of limited capacities our catalog is often planned months in advance, meaning that you might have to wait a while before to see your work published.

If you still want to send us your work, here are our acceptance conditions:

• For electronic and electroacoustic works:

– Must be completely exclusive and never have been published in digital and / or physical form, it’s not an issue if the pieces were already played live without recordings.
– We know some composers do not want to verbalized their sound practice, but we highly encourage to send a free form letter documenting the genesis/story of the piece(s) you send (precompositional scheme, note of intention, graphic scores, prose, etc.).
– The catalog is developed through three series (listed below), your project should fit one of them.

• For instrumental works:

– XXth or XXIth century music only.
– It’s not an issue if a music score has already been published and / or records of other interpretations of the piece exists (especially for XXth century music).
But of course we would consider with higher interest unrecorded music.
– Must be accompanied by a free form letter documenting the project.
– Unless a specific project is set up with Le Cabanon we will not take care of the recording session.
– A co-production formula is feasible for if Le Cabanon has the exclusivity for the physical publishing.

We will try, as much as possible, to give an answer to your solicitation.





12” records focusing on experimental music practices challenging forms of the electronic and electroacoustic realm, open to free improvisations as well as to thoroughly composed pieces. It’s the place to ask questions and take new steps in one’s practice. Artworks are synthesized by Relaño, using deep neural networks algorithms on a homemade supercomputer. Pressing of 150 copies.


12” records devoted to long formats of electronic and instrumental music : abstract, experimental, jazz, ambient, glitch, electroacoustic, etc. Artworks are algorithmically created by Relaño using various algebraic or computational physics models driven by the release content. For each Albe standard edition release of 180 copies, a limited edition of 20 white vinyl without label is produced with a special material for records cover (embossing on canvas with gold leaf, metallic paper, etc.).

/ ÉDITIONS (series to be released in 2020)

The upcoming publishing house of Le Cabanon, dedicated to all sound art practices through a limited edition line of printed books looking at creation, research and transmission, accompanied (where possible) by related sound material. These prints will have a short production turnaround, with the view of establishing a space of contemporary practices and perspectives covering the realm of sound. The Éditions tag might be thought as the most open place of the label, contributors may be experimental and contemporary composers, artists, musicians, field recordists, instrument makers and researchers in musicology, sound synthesis, music theory. They will be invited to document their work in print and sound, as a jointly realised multi-media release. Composers and artists will especially be welcomed to uncover their precompositionnal thinking or practice – prose, sheet music, graphical scores, drawings or paintings.