BRUMA – Architect Method

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300 copies – 12″ records / digital

For the first release of Le Cabanon Records, Bruma presents Architect Method, a concept EP based on micro-modulation of pure tonalities and sculpture of full spectral signal density.

Bruma’s work has been focused on sonic research and innovative language in computer music; it has led to the development of his own composition software.
The method adopted here allowed him to consider the time factor outside the boundary of “step/tempo” in the written sequence, for a musical landscape of “liberated” forms and movements.

This sonic approach, manipulating the primary forms of electronic sounds, has resulted in a complex and delicate ecosystem, characterized by an abstract style that relentlessly flirts between science and poetry.

Composed during the winter of 2012-13, Bruma offers four avant-garde landscapes. In each of them, micro-dub, post-industrial fog, fractured motifs and harmonic events merge – creating sophisticated electroacoustic atmospheres, passed through by northern ligth and wind.

Written and produced by Bruma in the winter 2012-2013.
Art direction by Pierre Torrell.
Photography by Bruma and Pierre Torrell.
Mastering and lacquer cut by Mathieu Berthet @ MB Mastering.

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